Final Edition

while the first and second series had card lists printed on the backs of their first cards, the final edition regrettably doesn't. so beyond what i can obviously figure out (i.e. i have #6, so there must be 5 other cards at least), i am completely in the dark as to the cards in this series.

Standard Cards

001. Taikoubou
002. Youzen
003. Fugen Shinjin
004. Nataku
005. Raishinshi
006. Kou Tenka
007. Kou Hiko
008. Ki Hatsu & Ki Hakuyuukou
009. Chuuoh
010. So Dakki
011. Ko Kibi & Ou Kijin
012. Bunchuu
013. Shisei
014. Shinkouhyou & Kokutenko
015. Inchao & Inhon
016. Suu Kokuko & Shinyou
017. Taiitsu Shinjin
018. Gyokutei Shinjin

idk how many more, if there are any, are out there. if you know anything, hit me up?

Special Edition

SP01. ???
SP02. Nataku

EX Edition

EX01. ???
EX02. Youzen & Gyokutei Shinjin
EX03. Nataku & Taiitsu Shinjin
EX04. ???
EX05. ???
EX06. Kou Hiko & Bunchuu

your guess is as good as mine wrt the final edition specials and EX cards. again, if you have any info, hit me up.