there are, to my knowledge, three different runs of the carddass cards: series one, series two, and the probably appropriately named "final edition". i've put together lists of all three runs. there are a Lot of cards in total, so i separated them into their own pages so nobody has to scroll infinitely

all the pictures of the cards are scanned by yours truly, unless otherwise noted. if you want to use any of them for whatever purpose you'd need canon houshin engi art for in a post 2017 world, feel free to do so, but i ask that you give credit by linking back to this site somehow. it'd also be cool if you dropped me a line so i can see how you used the pictures, but that's not necessary.

some of the cards have japanese text on them, and i'm certainly not able to translate it so if someone else wants to take a crack at it then feel free. i'd like to include translations of the cards with more extensive text; if you want to help with that then that'd be much appreciated. your name would be on the card page that you translated. it's like adopt-a-highway but instead adopt-a-card

cards marked with **Missing** are ones i don't own and therefore can't get pictures of. if a card has "???" for a name it means i have no idea what it is. if you have any images of the cards i'm missing, i'd love to see them, so contact me about it. but what i'd like most is to trade for or buy the cards i'm missing, so if you have any and you'd be willing to part with them for ca$h mon€y, please contact me!!